Fire Safety Plan Design & Creation

Designing an effective fire safety plan is an important step towards increasing a building’s safety, and is a Fire Code requirement for many buildings and circumstances. It is important that the document that serves your building is well labeled, includes all of the fire and life safety systems in the building, and effectively covers everything required by the Fire Code and Authority Having Jurisdiction. To ensure that the information inside the fire safety plan is accurate, the fire code requires that it be reviewed and updated at least every 12 months.

Our custom fire safety plans include checklists, simple instructions on how to maintain your fire safety plan, fire safety systems maintenance instructions, and more. Rest easy knowing that your emergency fire safety plan is being made by professionals with prior experience and a good understanding of the local fire department’s requirements.

Inside your fire safety plan is site plan drawings that indicate exit passages, emergency equipment, generator, and electrical locations, fire department connections, and more! Our team creates custom drawings in-house based upon your building’s existing drawings or can create them from scratch if there are none readily available. These custom drawings are easy to read and understand, saving precious time in an emergency.

Fire Safety Plan Updates & Review

If your fire safety plan requires updating, modification or the existing site plans are not adequate, our trusted team will be happy to cover that for you. Allow us to combine your annual fire safety plan review with your annual fire alarm, sprinkler, and emergency lighting inspections!

What Do Fire Safety Plans Do Anyway?

The function of each and every fire safety plan is different, but who they serve relatively stays the same.

First and foremost, emergency planning serves occupants and those who would be in harm’s way. How it does that is another thing. The fire safety plan is designed for building owners, managers, operators, and fire department personnel who show up during emergencies. That being said, a copy should be made available for tenants to become familiar with.

   The copy made for public use should not contain any private or confidential information that would put tenants or building security at risk.

Inside the fire safety plan, there are a number of procedures and instructions for supervisory staff and firefighter use!  These procedures and instructions help mitigate hazards and contain information on proper maintenance of existing fire and life safety systems. Inside is also drawings, emergency procedures, a list of individuals who may require help in case of an evacuation, and more! Much of the content in a fire safety plan is dictated by the site and what is required by the Fire Code.

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