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card reader security systems

Card Reader Security Systems are an effective solution to managing personnel building access. There are many different options to implement access control, the most simplistic security entry system set up involves covering only the entrances to your facility. With sophisticated software however, we can create a full suite of protection ranging from restricting individual rooms, floors and elevator access as well as parking areas.

This is enabled through proximity card systems that manage access based on a group membership. Allowing specific access that pertain to that group while restricting other areas to credentials with higher clearance level (ex. management, custodial and contractor keys). If further security measures are needed, keypad pin code requirements can be implemented as a second layer of security or as an optional keyless entry.

Security Access Entry Systems

To control physical access within card reader security systems, the use of electric strike door latches secures entry against unauthorized personnel and allows for safely exiting the building in an emergency. A benefit of key card access systems with electric strike latches is they do not need to be connected to the fire alarm system, as they do not impede egress. At panther integration, we take security seriously and will always adhere to all industry standards and provide the right solution to meet your every need.

Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems (AVID)

Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems or AVID systems are cost effective and time saving for both property managers and drivers. Door damage and battery replacements are minimized as the overhead door opens for each driver as they approach without needing to use a fob. Let panther integration give you a free, no obligation quote today!

Telephone Entry Systems

We also service telephone entry systems. No matter what time it is, we will make sure your telephone entry system is working smoothly.

keyless door entry system

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