Telephone & Video Entry Systems

Telephone and video entry systems, also known as guest management systems, are the very first line of defense for your building’s security. They have one very important job: to routinely filter welcome guests from unwanted intruders. How well your system performs at this task relies on a lot of factors, some of the most important being proper installation & programming, system durability & vandal resistance, and users embracing building security.

keyless door entry system

We install, service, and repair all makes and models of telephone and video entry systems. From smaller multi-tenant condos to large apartment high-rises and commercial buildings; our experienced technicians will make sure your guest management system is running dependably for years to come.

Video entry systems for apartments, condos, and commercial offices are increasingly becoming popular over a standard telephone entry system as they allow the occupants to visually identify the individual requesting access. This is an easy way to have residents enforce building security without an intense education campaign. Some models, such as the ButterflyMX system, allow multiple modes of communication for the ultimate flexibility; they can communicate with standard landline telephones as well as perform video calls over a mobile application. This allows your residents to use their preferred method of communication without needing to carry an expensive mobile data plan or elderly residents to upgrade to a smartphone.

Mircom TX3 Telephone Entry Systems

With Panther Integration installing your entry systems, you can be confident that it will be the best solution for your property and is professionally set up to give you reliable and dependable access control. Contact us for a free estimate to upgrade your building’s guest management system today.

We also install and service Access Control Systems and Video Surveillance Systems for condominiums, retail, warehouses & commercial buildings. Ask us how we can integrate your telephone or video entry system with an access control system and video surveillance for enhanced building security.
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