ULC Fire Monitoring

ULC fire monitoring calgary
Southern Alberta’s choice for ULC fire monitoring service providers.

Panther Integration Ltd. provides ULC fire monitoring for fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, and dry chemical agent systems to our customers throughout Southern Alberta & Calgary. Our ULC monitored systems are installed as per CAN/ULC S561 (the Standard that governs how a ULC certified system should be installed in Canada) requirements. Ensuring that your building and assets will be given the highest level of protection.

Why do you need ULC fire alarm monitoring or sprinkler system monitoring?

Without a monitoring system, a building’s fire or sprinkler system will not notify the fire department in the event of a fire occurring. Consequently, the fire department will only respond if an individual calls them, wasting precious time. Furthermore, even if your building does not require a ULC monitored system as per local regulations, we still highly recommend it. How do you know if you require ULC fire monitoring? Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation. We can guide you through the code requirements for your building systems to keep you compliant.

What benefits does our ULC Fire Monitoring Provide?

  • Limit damage to your building & assets. Every minute that is wasted before the fire department responds to a fire increases the amount of damage that will occur. If a sprinkler head breaks or a leak occurs then the water damage that can occur may leave a significant restoration bill. Every second counts.
  • Save money. Most insurance providers give discounts on premiums for a fire and sprinkler system monitored by a ULC provider.
  • Unnecessary confusion. When panther integration is your ULC fire monitoring provider, our CFAA certified technicians are certified to service both your ULC monitoring equipment and your fire alarm & sprinkler systems. Allowing you to rest easy, knowing that you will call the right company first. Saving unnecessary service call bills due to “call your other service provider” reasons.
  • Competitive pricing. We offer great ULC fire monitoring pricing with reliable service. Combining our ULC monitoring services with your fire alarm and sprinkler system annual inspections will save you money. Allowing us to perform your annual ULC inspection of your monitoring equipment at the same time as your other systems’ annual inspections.

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