Fire Alarm System Inspections

What can we do for you?

Panther Integration Ltd. provides annual fire alarm system testing and 24/7 emergency on-call service for all makes and models of fire alarm systems. We provide complete inspection reports as required by the Alberta Fire Code in accordance with CAN/ULC Standards. Panther integration also provides fire alarm retrofitting, verification and installations at competitive prices.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire Alarm Testing: What do you need?

At panther integration, we strive to create a seamless and positive experience for all parties involved. We do so by keeping the bells ringing to a minimum, and only entering each suite once (with exceptions). We only sound the alarms on the floor we are inspecting (if possible) to reduce noise disturbance to tenants.

Things we recommend for inspection day:

  • Lock smith on site: with a locksmith available, 99% of units can be accessed without delay.
  • Collecting keys for tenant spaces beforehand will speed up the inspection and reduce the need to return for units that were originally inaccessible.
  • Notices sent to tenants in advance. In our experience, a well notified building creates a smooth inspection as everyone is on the same page. Notices should be emailed to tenants, plastered around lobby’s, inside elevators, stairs and entrances. More is better!
  • Elevator shaft access: an elevator technician may need to provide access to devices in the elevator shaft(s) for testing.
  • Generator testing. If your building has an emergency backup generator, it is most likely to be hooked up to the fire alarm system. We may require to have your generator service technician on site to send signals to the fire panel.
  • Enmax vault. If your building has an Enmax vault, we will most likely require access in order to test the devices inside. Enmax is the only one with the keys for their vaults, so you will need to arrange to have them provide access for us.
  • Pet friendly environment. If possible, have pets out of building as the noise of the fire alarm agitates them. However, all of our technicians are animal lovers so if they are at home it will not be an issue.

Fire System Testing

Our Qualifications: Install, Inspect & Repair

As involved Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA) & Alberta Fire Safety Association (AFSA) members, we adhere to CAN/ULC Standards, Alberta Fire Code and the Alberta Building Code, we are dedicated to staying current. We understand the industry requirements, providing a worry-free experience for our clients.

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