Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

emergency lighting

Businesses, condos and commercial buildings all require emergency lighting systems. These emergency lighting systems must illuminate the way to emergency exits and allow the occupants to safely exit the premises. Emergency lights and exit signs are most commonly powered from a back up generator and/or from a battery pack unit that supply power to the lighting systems once the regular power supply is cut off.

The Alberta Fire Code requires that building owners and managers have the emergency lighting systems in their building(s) be checked monthly and tested annually to ensure their ability to function as designed.

It is imperative that these life safety systems are properly installed according to the Alberta Building Code. The code that governs how emergency lighting systems are maintained through the life of the system is the Alberta Fire Code.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Installation, Inspection and Maintenance

exit sign installation

Our professional team at panther integration designs and installs emergency lighting systems to comply with the Alberta Building Code and it’s referenced standards.

Our monthly and yearly inspections on emergency lighting systems are done in accordance with the Alberta Fire Code and it’s applicable standards. To do that, we adhere to on-going team training, so that our staff are knowledgeable and current on the requirements for emergency lighting. We perform functional testing, use formulas and create documentation to ensure that your building is up to the required standards and in doing so reduce building owners and managers’ liability. If any of your equipment requires service between inspection dates, we provide 24/7 service on all makes and models of emergency lighting and exit signs. We back all that up with a 1 Year Warranty on all new parts and labour performed!

Bundle your emergency lighting needs with our Fire Alarm System Installation or Fire Alarm System Inspection services

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